Connecticut General Assembly Calendar

The CGA Calendar provides the times and places of upcoming committee meetings and public hearings. These are excellent opportunities to make your voice heard directly to your state representatives, especially if you can organize a group of fellow activists to attend with you!


Fairfield Standing United was formed as an Indivisible group. Indivisible is a guide written by former congressional staffers to help progressive citizens’ activism groups organize effectively and achieve the greatest results from protesting and contacting elected officials. Click here to read the Indivisible Guide for yourself.

5 Calls

If you want to help bring change but don’t have much free time, try to set aside five minutes a day to call your elected representatives. 5 Calls will provide you with phone numbers and scripts to make the process as straightforward as possible.


GovTrack is a volunteer-run website for tracking the progress of bills through the United States Congress, as well as the voting records of each representative.


Countable is another federal legislation tracking website, and is also available as a mobile app.