Self Care

Self Care In Community

As activists, taking care of ourselves is, itself, a revolutionary act. But after this past year of struggles, when we’re tired and stressed, it’s easy to forget that we can raise up others with our self care as well, and be raised up by theirs in return.

Peace Love Progress is a space where people can share uplifting stories and tales of compassionate work to spread joy and inspire others. You can keep up with them on their social media accounts (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram) and we’d love for you to submit a story. You never know how many people it may leave a positive impression on!

At our February meeting at the Triangle Community Center, we discussed the importance of intersectionality and being as inclusive as possible in our activism. Our guest speaker, executive director Anthony Crisci, was kind enough to share his reading and watching lists with us:



For those interested in delving deeper into intersectionality, more recommendations are available from our PoC/LGBT Focus Group!

Have you listened to any the following podcasts? Do you have any additional recommendations? Let us know what’s helping get you through each week:

Respect Your Trauma.

At our September general meeting, we were fortunate to have FSU’s own Dr. Barbara Lavi, Psy. D., who ran a short therapy session for everyone in attendance. She validated for the group what we all have felt, and what she and many of her colleagues in psychology and therapy have observed; that this is far, far more than a simple lost election.

We are losing families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and institutions that we have loved and relied on for many years. Every day, a new supposed norm of civilized society is torn down, and a new emergency demands our immediate and full attention. The worst supporters of the new administration, seeing our pain and exhaustion, gleefully leap in to strike at our weakest points and fill our views of the world with hatred and vitriol. We are, in short, being constantly and repeatedly traumatized, and it is important to acknowledge the gravity of that.

Fortunately, there are tools that we know can make a difference for people who survive trauma, and Dr. Lavi walked us through some simple points:

  • Find your support network. Trauma can be more isolating without a safe space and people to validate your feelings — possibly people who are surviving the same trauma.
  • Practice relaxation exercises. Breaking up the constant stress is good for your health and makes challenges seem less insurmountable.
  • Turn fears into affirmations. Naming what motivates you and focusing on it daily fights feelings of powerlessness and inspires more effective activism.

More details are available in the worksheet prepared for us by Dr. Lavi, as well as her Resistance Resilience website.

Resist. Rest. Repeat.

Our Self Care Task Force reminds you to take care of yourself! It’s not just good for you, it’s not just a slogan, it’s a form of active resistance. Caring for our physical, emotional, and mental health keeps us from burning out before the work is done. While it may take some time to discover what works best for you, it’s important and worthwhile.

Check out these suggestions for ways to recharge:

Yoga – Yoga For Everybody, Fairfield, CT

  • This is a local studio frequented by some of our members, offering a variety of classes and several pricing options.

Meditation – Christ Church Easton, Easton, CT

  • Walking and sitting meditation led by the Harmony Sangha community, held the third Thursday of every month. Outdoor walking meditation begins at 6:00 p.m., while indoor meditation begins at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome.

Massage – Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Westport, CT

  • The Student Clinic of the CCMT offers great prices for hour-long student massages. You can check availability and book an appointment online.

Board Games – Triangle Community Center, Norwalk, CT

  • The TCC hosts an LGBTQ-friendly “Gaymes Night” every other Friday for board, dice, and card games. The event is free, but bringing a new game and a snack to pass around is encouraged!

For more ideas, especially ones that won’t break the bank, check out Self Love in the D*nald Tr*mp Era; a D.I.Y. Guide to Downtime, graciously provided to us by the author, Torie Burmeister!